6-Figure Sales Professional

You’re walking into your office and already you feel pressured.

“My bosses are going to put all that quota on me again…”

“Sure, I’ll be able to take a break after work, but I’ll have to meet those sales numbers all over again tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll be able to close deals as always… but is there a life at all outside of this!?”

This brooding, heavy, unhappy feeling you silently face is sure sign that you’re starting to burn out.

If you don’t even have the mental capacity to process these thoughts, then you’re past burnout – you’ve become numb and detached.

That’s not a healthy place to be.

In fact, that’s where no one’s supposed to be at all.

How many months or even years must you send down the drain before you actually and finally start living for yourself?

Selling should be a gift. Selling should be a joy. And selling should take you to where you want to be in life.

Not burn you out.

You might think Willpower is the answer, but I’m sorry – it isn’t.

Willpower is your friend only if you’re on the right path.

If you’re on a hamster wheel, and you’re abusing your willpower just because you think if you let go, you’ll lose EVERYTHING you’ve worked so hard to build in your sales career.

Let me tell you that losing yourself is worse.

Because nothing is more precious than your health.

You can always get your numbers back.

So, if you have been grinding your ass off only to stay in the same position and feel suffocated inside, I think it’s about time you stop.

Stop and do these three things right now.

1. Detach yourself from the situation.

See yourself as a third person navigating around this maze right now. It won’t be easy, but do your best to take the emotions out of it. Will working harder help? Will expanding more time and energy solve it? Is there even an exit point? If there isn’t, maybe it’s time for a MAJOR rethink. Don’t run towards a dead end.

2. Identify what’s really important.

What’s the end game if you continue to grind for another 3 to 5 years like this? If every day is the same, at what point will things actually change? What do you want for yourself in 5 years? What’s really important to you?

3. Seek help

It’s really difficult to think when you’re the one inside the maze. What’s preventing you from emptying your cup and asking for proven and verifiable solutions? Don’t be surprised if you have been stuck for yours but actually you’re only one question away from unlocking that next door.

Don’t abuse your willpower anymore. Get that inner clarity and empower yourself with your truth. Soldier on only after you’ve the road map you want.

And all that talk about execute, hustle, grind – yeah it doesn’t work when you’re at your limits.

Be still and Know Yourself.

Talk soon,

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