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What do Business, Closing and Martial Arts have in common?

If business is war, then Closing is a martial art.

Before I specialized in Closing, I practiced martial arts for ten years.

I see nothing but similarities between all three — business, Closing and martial arts.

They can all be unified through the principals of human interaction found in the Art of War.

Sun Tzu’s book has deceptively few words, but they represent the laws of strategic warfare.

How is this relevant to you?

If you have a premium offer or a high-end product/service to sell, wouldn’t you want your sales team to have a fundamental understanding of the Art of War?

“I don’t care, as long as they bring in sales!” I can hear you say.

My question to you would then be, “Do you want sales, or do you want retention?”

The typical salesperson only knows how to push, push and push…

Is that what you really want to do to your prospects?

A Closer operates like a strategist; he doesn’t fight a battle that he cannot win.

In the business world, he wouldn’t Close a deal that isn’t win-win.

In other words, the Closer isn’t thinking of some petty technique to score a sale.

Like a strategist, he thinks of the bigger picture.

He will win the battle for you, before it is even fought.

What sets a Strategic Closer™ apart

The Strategic Closer™ is discerning.

In order to successfully Close high-end offers, he studies the prospects, draws out a battle plan, and “fights” in a fluid and adaptable fashion.

He knows that there is a time to strategize, a time to be silent, and a time to go for the kill.

Above all, he does not fight a battle that he cannot win.

For the Strategic Closer™, there is no greater weapon than a Mind that is prepared.

He is the perfect combination of Warrior, Strategist and Businessman.

You wouldn’t want one of us on your team, would you?

Need a Strategic Closer™ on your team?

Let’s see if we could be a fit.

Book a Strategy Call.

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