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What does confidence mean to you?

I was speaking with my spiritual coach last night.

A friend who works in sales was with me. He thought he had confidence, but he wasn’t able to really define it.

After masterminding together, we each came up with our own definitions and I shared mine.

I told them that my understanding of Confidence went from

“Knowing I can when it seems that I cannot” to

“Knowing I can.”

My coach then shared with us that there was another type of confidence:

“Knowing my End”

That means to possess a proactive and courageous Mindset to:

  1. Know the end goal
  2. Do everything it takes to learn, execute and manifest it

This sounds simple, and you probably think you recognize confidence…

I would argue that confidence is the most important ingredient for success at your sales career.

When a customer who’s rude talks down to you at work, do you possess the confidence to stand up for yourself and masterfully put him in his place?

When your boss pressures you to hit those numbers, do you possess the confidence to not just score but surpass them?

When your life is overwhelmed and you’re overworked, do you possess the confidence to reinvent yourself and redesign your life?

These difficult moments are tests for you to understand and conquer yourself.

If you don’t, these cycles will repeat themselves forever and only get more intense each time.

Could developing true, inner confidence be the solution for your burnout at work?

Not the loud, boastful type.

But the one that gives you that Inner Knowing that you have already arrived.

Think about it.

Talk soon,

Sean Sena
Founder, Thinkr Academy

P.S. My best clients are salespeople who have all the skills and know-how to succeed. It’s always some type of emotional burden that impairs their confidence, and they don’t know how to get unstuck. If that’s you, book a call and get your breakthrough today. It’s free. And don’t worry, if we’re not a fit to work together, I’ll be the first to let you know.

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