6-Figure Sales Professional

Just saw a post on Facebook. Someone wrote: “It’s about the JOURNEY, not the destination.”

Well, kinda.

I mean, if they mean that you should be alive and present in every moment, drinking in every day of your life, then of course… they’re right.

But if they’re talking about taking a long-ass time to hit your goals as a sales professional, they are dead wrong.

I don’t know about you, but I want the journey to my income and lifestyle goes to be as short and simple as humanly possible.

Like Jeet Kune Do, I want to get to the point.

I don’t think there’s any point in wasting YEARS getting to our goals, especially if we:

  1. Burn ourselves out by working exceedingly long hours. Just because the wake up call or crisis hasn’t happened, doesn’t mean we can overwork and paste bandaids on ourselves just to push a little further. This ain’t smart, and it ain’t healthy.

  2. Sacrifice our time with loved ones. By the time the wake up call happens, it’s too late. I really regretted the times I missed out with my family because of overtraining and overworking in sales. We ain’t getting those precious moments back once they’re gone.

  3. Procrastinate on pursuing our passion/what we really love. Each time I didn’t get to practice martial arts because I chose to work, I died a little inside. But in my mind, I was thinking “if I don’t work, where’s the money going to come from?” So, I continued to grind…

But is it worth it, even if we make good money but drain ourselves out?

Why not come up with a better and more effective game plan?

And that’s really the key, isn’t it?

The game plan.

One that allows us to perform at our best while feeling complete on the inside.

Patton said: “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” Boy, was he right!

So, what’s your game plan for succeeding as a sales professional? Do you have one?

I believe there’s a shorter path:

  • I believe that if you are deeply tuned in to your sense of Mission, you live with intent/purpose, you can be empowered by your Truth every step of the way. You must Know Yourself.

  • This brings you EXTRAORDINARY stamina and clarity that you use to master your goals with impeccable accuracy. You continue to stretch yourself WHILE feeling rejuvenated and purposeful at every point. You live each day on a high knowing that you’re always at your best.

  • You 3X your sales numbers and have EVEN MORE time to spend with your family/loved ones and your passions/hobbies outside of sales. Trust me, nothing beats living like this.

In a nutshell, I believe that you got into sales because you saw yourself making six figures and beyond. You believed you could make a difference in the world. You believed you could win.

I believe you will too.

The truth is, your prospects need you. Your family/loved ones need you. You need you.

So whatever game plan you choose to pursue, make sure it is a straight-line path to your goals. You don’t need to spend years. You don’t need to live with burnout, frustration or emotional overwhelm.

You can get there in a few weeks with the right plan.

Talk soon,


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