Are you a certified High-Ticket Closer™ by Dan Lok?

FULL-TIME Personal Development Enrolment Specialists wanted!

Team Sean Sena™ is currently recruiting full-time High-Ticket Closers™.

Ideally, you should specialize in the Personal Development / Mindset niche and know who Bob Proctor is.

You need to be self-driven, coachable and committed to your success.

You have to be a product of the product!

Strictly NO part-timers.

Watch this video before you apply!

Bob Proctor, Paradigm Shift, Thinking Into Results, Think Into Results, Sean Sena

Do you have what it takes?

We’re looking for the best business leaders to be on this team.

It’s not going to be easy — well, nothing is.

Especially when you’re playing to win!

If you’re coachable, committed and consistent, we’ll show you how.

Being on this team is TOUGH.

If you have what it takes, and you’re willing to go the distance with us…

…we want you on our side.

How to Apply

Send your Resume to (Hint: it’s not a PDF)

Tell us:

1. What Season of HTC were you from (We’ll verify this)

2. Why do you want to Close full-time

3. Why do you want to Close for my team

4. Demonstrate your understanding of a Paradigm Shift

5. Who needs a Paradigm Shift and why

6. What is your commitment to this team

7. What is your experience with Personal Development

If you omit any of the above, you will not be considered.

Once again, strictly NO part-timers; this is a full-time position.

Priority will be given to HTC Inner Circle members.

Please apply only if you are able to fully commit to this role.

Shortlisted candidates will be notified and invited to attend an interview with us.

Send your Resume to

Speak soon!

Sean Sena

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