“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” — Earl Nightingale

Andrea Lum

Executive Secretary


A dedicated student of Spirituality, Andrea is patient, perceptive and persistent. From being an aimless and lazy procrastinator, she completely turned her life around after discovering Meditation. Through her practice, she found the clarity, commitment and consistency she knew she required to fulfill her calling in life, which is to help other people realize their fullest potential through the Universal Laws.

Jae Lee

Director of Training


Jae has a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Science, and is a certified Acupuncturist. However, it was only after years in this industry did he realize that the true cure lies in the Mind. That was when he put down his tools and focused on developing himself from Within. From there, everything changed. Through the Science of the Mind, he was able to impact more lives than ever before, because he realized that while drugs eradicate symptoms, Mind is the Cause.

Monica Vargas

Team Manager


Monica is a dedicated Installation Artist, but she never found nor made her mark as one, because she struggled with the business side of things. It was only until she shifted her Paradigm from a skilled technician to a successful businesswoman, did she finally managed to merge the two paths into one, achieving inner fulfillment and financial success on the outside. She is committed to helping artists find their true message and build a thriving business around it.

Jonathan Mercado

Director of Facilitation


Mercado is a man of peace, attractive sense of humor and invaluable team player. A former professional soccer player, he managed to take the tenacity, focus and drive from his younger days as an athlete into the business world and build a high-income lifestyle for himself that very few athletes know how to transition into. His calmness, business acumen and tactical thinking skills are definitely worth emulating.

Alice Shih

Global Community Leader


Alice has a unique way of combining joy, practicality and seriousness into her expression that causes her audience to be become both inspired and clear about how they want to move towards their goals in life. She is able to do this because her path to spiritual and financial success was never an easy one. Despite the odds, she was able to overcome all the plateaus and limitations in her way to become a successful entrepreneur in her own right.

Adrian Kho

Director of Support


Adrian is the support character that every team needs. In between his moments of awkward silence and nervous chuckle, is a man that listens. A man that observes. And a man that cares. He is able to do this, because he is a great at introspection. From engineering work, to forex, to copywriting, to cryptocurrency, to investing and high-ticket sales, Adrian has been through them all and lived to tell the tale. That is why he is so successful as a Business Leader, and perhaps that is also why nothing escapes his eagle vision.

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