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This is for the success-driven business leader that desires to transform and master himself
through the purposeful, dedicated and consistent study and practice of martial arts.

What is The Martial Mind?

The Martial Mind™ is a martial arts training system, personal philosophy and mode of thinking that I have created. Based on more than a decade of intense study and implementation, it is a synergy of Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Épée Fencing and New Thought (Mind). While the function of TMM is to enable one to be proficient and self-sufficient in self-defense, the purpose is to advance oneself spiritually, mentally and emotionally through cultivation in the martial arts.


This is a training program that demands perseverance, introspection and effective thinking. Ultimately, it is about achieving Personal Mastery. If you’re just looking to shed weight, burn fat or start a new weekend hobby, this isn’t for you.

Sean Sena Martial Arts


The Martial Mind™

Dan Lok's High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program

I Faced My Weakness


Why did I create this (non)System? I felt like I had ZERO CONTROL over myself, my life and my destiny.

That was because I was always very weak physically, mentally and emotionally as a child growing up, and I absolutely resented it.

I craved so badly for a breakthrough.

I desired to be self-sufficient and live a life where I could be in control of my thoughts, feelings, habits and lifestyle.

I just wanted to be capable of achieving my goals in life.

Self-Advancement Led Me to Victory

Without my martial arts journey, I would never be where I am today. Because I dedicated everything to cultivating myself through the martial arts, I learnt that limitations exist so that we can experience breakthroughs. Not only did I overcome my personal challenges, I exceeded myself. I transformed myself into a professional martial artist, national fencing athlete, high-income closer, copywriter and personal development entrepreneur. This tells me that if anyone has the conviction to conquer themselves, they can achieve anything they want.

How Can This Help Me?

Jeet Kune Do Singapore, Sean Sena, Bruce Lee Martial Art School

Make a Decision.

Why are you turning to the martial arts for a solution? For me, I had no idea consciously. Subconsciously, I only remember that I felt an energy that seemed to heal me from within at the age of 18 when I began practicing Wing Chun while serving the army in Singapore. As I progressed, I grew in clarity, confidence and certainty. I learnt how to take control of my own Mind, Body and Spirit and steer them towards success in everything I did. So, make a decision now and decide that you will do whatever it takes to Conquer Yourself.

Know Your Purpose.

There are three reasons why we choose to practice martial arts. The first is physical: to defend ourselves. The second is mental/emotional: to attain Self-Mastery. The third is spiritual: to understand and Actualize Ourselves. Having a superficial or short-term motive is useless. We should invest in our fundamentals and build our success in life upon principles that stand the test of time! To Master Oneself is to be self-sufficient and fully be in control of one’s own inner world. You are your greatest opponent.

Jeet Kune Do Singapore, Sean Sena, Bruce Lee Martial Art School
Jeet Kune Do Singapore, Sean Sena, Bruce Lee Martial Art School

Test Yourself.

The Martial Mind™ is designed for the streets. It is aimed at finishing the fight as fast as possible with the least amount of struggle in a self-defense situation where there are no rules. The thing is, to attain such levels of proficiency we need to actually put ourselves through effective and deliberate practice that will transform you as a person in the process. We grow by putting ourselves to through challenges. To have a preview of my upcoming Introduction Session, click here.

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Ready to give it a shot at testing your limits? I will deliver a training experience you will never forget.

Don’t live in Singapore?

You have two options. You can either arrange for me to do a seminar and certification program in your country, or you can train with me online. For the former, simply write to me at for a personalized program.

Jeet Kune Do Singapore, Sean Sena, Bruce Lee Martial Art School

Martial Arts is a Lifestyle.

After more than a decade in this field, I’ve seen many players come and go. What I’ve learnt is this: there is very little that martial arts can do for you. If you come in with such an expectation, you won’t be progressing much. It is about what you can give to the world through your study and expression of this art form. To me, it doesn’t really matter what the style or system is, as long as at the end of your journey, you can proudly say that you have given your best and then some ☺

Any Experience Required?

None at all. Skills can be acquired, experienced can be gained. Your attitude depends on you.

A letter from my private student

Dear Sean

First of all, I would like to thank you for having me as a private student. I consider it a privilege to be training under your direct instruction and guidance.

Jeet Kune Do training under your direction has been especially meaningful for me.

When I decided to start training, I largely wanted to learn a form of “martial art”, as a means of effective self-defence. At the time, I viewed this purely in the physical realm; learning to punch, kick and execute movements in accordance with an established regime.

Under your training, I very shortly realised, that physical execution was really the expression and culmination of much more on a higher plane. As I progressed, I have learnt from you that focus, emotional stability, perception, physical awareness and indeed one’s own character, must come together in a rhythm that is in connectedness with one’s target, in order for the right action to flow.

I might add, that the same applies to life. And hence the special meaning to me.

I particularly appreciate your insistence that I must come to an understanding for myself, creating and expressing in my mind what the concepts mean in my own personal terms. In this process, they become part of me at once, and beyond the martial art aspect, I invariably gain deeper insights about myself. Your lessons are physically intense and intellectually stimulating, and the opportunity for self-enquiry and reflection upon the knowledge being imparted leaves a powerful impression each time.

Thank you Sean for making my Jeet Kune Do training an enlightening journey and an ongoing process of continuing growth under your guidance.

Your humble student

Eddie Lim

Your Transformation Begins

Laughing Sena

I know what you’re thinking. You’re sort of getting the sense that this will somehow be able to help you, but you’re full of questions. How do I know that? That was exactly how I felt when I was 18 and searching for my first mentor to learn from. It’s perfectly normal. You have two options right now. You can either close this page and continue searching for other solutions, or you can book a call and speak with my team. This session will give you the clarity you need and also reveal if we can be a fit for each other. No matter what happens after this, I wish you nothing but the best for your martial arts and personal transformation journey ahead.

Walk on!