Jeet Kune Do Singapore

By Sean Sena

Bruce Lee’s Martial Art, Jeet Kune Do is training and discipline towards the ultimate reality in combat.

Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts School in Singapore, by Sean Sena.

Chief Instructor of Jeet Kune Do Singapore, Sean Sena.

What is Jeet Kune Do (JKD)?

Jeet Kune Do was Bruce Lee’s personal process in the martial arts.

It was his unique way of expressing himself to the fullest, through combative, athletic and purposeful movement.

Later on, it also became the name he used to describe his approach to Total Combat, his Personal Philosophy as well as his Way of Life.

As a fighting method, Jeet Kune Do is designed for self-defense on the streets, where there are no rules.

Simple, direct and non-classical, Jeet Kune Do represents the Universal Way of Human Combat!

The Advancing Man
Sean Sena's Jeet Kune Do School in Singapore. Bruce Lee's Martial Art.

At the core of my passion is a simple but powerful question:

How can the study and practice of Jeet Kune Do advance our Minds?


Sean Sena Jeet Kune Do

Hello there, I’m Sean Sena. I’m a Professional and Third-Generation Instructor of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do. I provide private mentorship in Jeet Kune Do for aspiring practitioners based in Singapore. If you’re keen to start your Jeet Kune Do journey with me, read on.

Jeet Kune Do is a Philosophy

The first way I try to answer that question is to take the complex in combat and make it simple to understand.

What are the fundamental forces that shape one’s success in the martial arts?

What are the misconceptions that people have about the way fighting works?

What are the organizing principles that determine one’s progress in training?

The second way I try to answer that question is to apply these insights to everyday life.

How can we most effectively harness what we have learnt in the martial arts into tangible results?

How can we pinpoint the hidden roadblocks in our lives and overcome our mental barriers?

Sean Sena's Jeet Kune Do School in Singapore. Bruce Lee's Martial Art.
Sean Sena's Jeet Kune Do School in Singapore. Bruce Lee's Martial Art.

Jeet Kune Do is a Way of Life

My ultimate goal is to answer some simple questions about life, through martial arts.

What does it mean to be a martial artist?

Is it possible to master ourselves through martial arts?

If so, how do we do it?

My hope is—

even if I can only answer this question in a modest way—

that my work will inspire you,

help you,

and empower your martial arts journey.

Jeet Kune Do is a Mindset

Jeet Kune Do Singapore, Bruce Lee, Martial Arts School, Personal Development, Sean Sena


That ultimately Jeet Kune Do isn’t about memorizing techniques.

It isn’t about accumulating.

It isn’t about winning or losing.

It is about understanding oneself.

It is about knowing what to put down and let go.

To the point where what remains will be nothing but your most honest truth.

Sean Sena's Jeet Kune Do School in Singapore. Bruce Lee's Martial Art.
Learn Jeet Kune Do in Singapore with Sean Sena

Express Yourself Without Limits

I have more than a decade of experience of practicing and teaching martial arts professionally. What I can tell you is that Jeet Kune Do isn’t for everyone. This is a long game, an unending relationship with yourself and an inner journey of personal growth. If you’re not ready for such a process, do not start. If you do, make sure you see it through the very end. Walk on.


The Advancing Man