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What’s your dream about?

I used to have this student that learnt Jeet Kune Do from me…

One day after training, we both sat down and had a chat.

“You know Sean, I really envy how you’re able to live your passion every single day,” he said to me.

“What do you mean? What’s your passion?” I asked.

“I love playing the drums,” he answered.

“Well, then play it!” I said.

“It’s not that simple…” he explained.

So the story was that even though he had became extremely successful in his career, and he was only in his early 40s at the time, he was never happy.

That was never his definition of success.

His dream was to play the drums professionally.

But because he was taught to always go after “the next thing”, he put it aside year after year…

It was always about graduating first, then getting a job first, then getting married, then having kids, and before you know it…

“Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about playing the drums…” he confessed.

It was heavy.

It was no surprise that he was burnt out; he never liked his “successful” job.

If you’re like that student of mine, you have something that you REALLY want to pursue, but you haven’t had the confidence, the decisiveness and the support to go for it, understand that there is no tomorrow.

Sometimes, all it takes is a Decision to reconnect with your dream and passion.

Do you believe?

That’s where the greatest version of you awaits.

You can’t stop a person who lives his truth every single day – you just can’t.

Speak soon,

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