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Sean Sena is a martial artist, new thought expert and a personal transformation mentor for high-performance business executives.

Despite growing up with several forbidding weaknesses as a child, he refused to succumb to them.

He turned to the study of Mind and Body to transform himself into a national athlete and spiritual champion.

Advancing his Mind relentlessly through immersion in New Thought and martial arts, he unlocked the secret to Self-Actualization; the Key to becoming one’s own greatest version.

He calls this formula Ultimate Mind Advancement.

His Mission is to impact one hundred million people around the world by empowering them to do the same through the life-changing power of Mind.

He continues to teach us how to cultivate our truest selves by tapping into our innate powers of resilience, spirit and Thought.

Walk on!

Mind Secrets Podcast

It takes time to understand what Mind can do for you.

The basic principle is this:

Nothing you seek or do on the Outside will work until you learn to leverage Mind.

To Transform yourself from Within.

Listen to Sena’s Podcast on Mindset Secrets.

Take your time to consume each episode and build a relationship with Mind.

Ask yourself, “What will my legacy be?”

Because you are One Belief Away.



“Spirit first, tools second.”

Sean Sena

Sena is a martial artist, new thought expert and personal transformation mentor.

Since 2008, Sena has immersed himself in the study and application of the Science of the Mind in order to transform himself from a weak, sickly and underconfident person into a Six-Figure Martial-preneur.

A professional Jeet Kune Do Instructor, he has managed to integrate his research on New Thought with his martial arts practice in order to achieve breakthroughs in all areas of his life.

Sena is a third-generation student of the late Bruce Lee, an award-winning national fencing athlete as well as the creator of Strategic Combat™.

He is currently based in Singapore, where he runs the Martial Mind Academy.